Love the way u Lie 

Love the way u lie
Do u love the way u Lie 

 Becuse u always do

Whit every Word 

It’s scratz my arms

My heart

My Soul 
My hearts bleeds whit every Word 

Coming out your mouth

Every line makes no sense

Its just hurting


And just darknes
Do u love the way u Lie 

Like what u do to people when u lie

Hurt them 

Break them down
Do u know how it feels to be broken

When people Lie to u

Right up in your face



Do u love the way u Lie 
Do u like to break people down

See them laying on the floor



Praying stop 

Can’t breath

Don’t hurt me anymore
Trying to catch My breath



Everything stops
See the life like a movie


Can u see it

My eyes 

It’s so dark inside


Can u see the pain

Do u like the way u Lie 
Whit all this lies


Sometimes the worlds stops

I Can see all the beauty

The lights And the threes

The colours 

The wonderful smell
In all your lies. stop sometimes up? Do you know that all seasons have their own smell? its own identity?
I know. Thanks to you. When everything feels hopeless and I fall down. When opened my eyes and I can see.
You think you can destroy me. Pushing me down, but down here so I look up. I can not get down. You can not take my hope. My courage.

How does it feel? You work in vain. I’m down, but I’m not afraid of the dark, cold. I fear you no longer. for down here, I’ve found my light. my way. A rise.
So tell me now….

Do u love the way u Lie 
Skrevet av Lisa Mari Egra 2016


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