I laugh to highMake to mutch sound

So i stop to laugh
When i stop to laugh

Im to quiet

So i start smiling
When i smile u ask

Why do u smile

So i stop smiling
When i stop smiling

U say

Whats wrong
So i change

And i change

Try to make Everything right
I loose myself over 

And over again

And now i am lost

And i can’t find myself
Who am i

so i decided 

If i Want to laugh and i bothers You 

You don’t need to be Whit me
If u don’t like My smile

Look away
If Im to quiet for U 

Maybe it’s because of U
And If u wondering whats wrong

Thake a look in the mirror and

Ask yourself

Am i I treat her fair
Because we all need to be 

The real us

And there is nothing wrong

 With that
Don’t loose your soul



Our anything

When somebody just try to

Break U down
Be the one U was meant to be

And never let some think that it’s

Something wrong Whit U
We are all human

We have feelings

Things we have to deal whit



So make My Day 

Don’t bring it to the Dark 



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